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Exploring Industrial Monitors: Industrial Touch Screen 7 to 27

Exploring Industrial Monitors: Industrial Touch Screen 7 to 27 Inches

An industrial monitor is a type of LCD display specifically designed for use in industrial environments. These monitors typically feature a rugged construction to withstand harsh conditions and are equipped with touch screen technology for easy interaction. Industrial monitors are widely used across various industries for different applications due to their durability and reliability.

Industrial monitors come in a wide selection of sizes, ranging from 7 to 27 inches, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any industrial application. Tru-Vu Monitors offers a variety of industrial touch screen options, including capacitiveresistive, and 5-wire resistive touch screens. These rugged industrial displays are designed to withstand tough conditions in factories and other industrial environments. With ip65 rated enclosures, these industrial monitors and touch screens are protected from dust, water, and other elements.

One of the key features of these industrial LCD monitors is their high brightness, making them sunlight readable monitors for outdoor use or in areas with harsh lighting conditions. The lcd displays have a resolution of 1920 x 1080, ensuring crystal clear images and text on the screen. Additionally, these industrial touch screens have a wide operating temperature range, making them suitable for use in extreme temperatures.


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