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Guide to Industrial Strip Lighting: Fixtures, Mounting, and More

Guide to Industrial Strip Lighting: Fixtures, Mounting, and More

Industrial strip lighting plays a crucial role in providing adequate illumination in various industrial settings. Whether it’s a warehouse, factory, or manufacturing facility, the right strip light fixture can enhance visibility and safety in the workspace. This guide will delve into the world of industrial strip lighting, covering fixtures, mounting options, and the benefits of different types of strip lights.

Industrial strip lighting fixtures are perfect for warehouse settings, offering high-quality illumination for a variety of industrial needs. Whether you need a strip light fixture for a high bay or a fluorescent strip light for general lighting in your facility, there are options to suit your needs. With mounting options such as wall mount or pendant mount, these fixtures can easily be installed to provide uniform light throughout your space. If you need help finding the best industrial LED lights or fluorescent strip lighting fixtures, please contact us for assistance.

For a versatile solution, consider a strip curtain or strip door kit in your warehouse. These pvc or vinyl strip options can be easily installed to create a sliding strip for access while still maintaining temperature control. If you’re looking to retrofit your industrial settings with T8 or LED strip light fixtures, there are 8 feet options available to meet your needs. The high-quality aluminum construction ensures durable lighting for your warehouse lighting.


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