The Casagrandes Going out of Business Read Online

The Casagrandes going out of Business Read Online: Loud House

The Casagrandes going out of Business Read Online: Loud House

The Casagrandes Going Out of Business: Fans of the Loud House and Casagrandes were devastated to hear the news that the beloved Casagrandes family run mercado was going out of business. According to sources close to the Loud House creative team.

The decision was made to adapt from going from a comic to a graphic novel format in order to bring in new readers and revitalize the brand. This means that the latest Casagrandes vol. 3 will be the final collection released by Papercutz in 2023.

Ronnie Anne and Bobby Santiago, along with their mom and their whole extended family, had built the Casagrandes’ family run mercado into a staple of Great Lakes City. From living with their whole extended family in Royal Oaks to moving away and starting a new life in the big city, the Casagrandes had come a long way.

With the help of their friends like Lincoln Loud’s close friend Ronnie Anne, the mercado became a thriving business headed by the kids’ abuelos Hector and Rosa. But despite their best efforts, the mercado eventually fell on hard times and the decision was made to close its doors for good.

Despite the sad news, fans can take solace in the fact that the Casagrandes are not disappearing completely. Nickelodeon has announced that the Casagrandes will return for another collection, this time in an all-new graphic novel format.

The Loud House creative team is already hard at work on the new project, and fans can expect to see the first installment hit shelves in the near future. So while the mercado may be closing, the Casagrandes will live on in a brand stinkin’ new way.


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