Aespa Artificial Intelligence

Aespa Artificial Intelligence: k-pop Group AI Idol Avatar



Aespa Artificial Intelligence: k-pop Group AI Idol Avatar

Aespa is a groundbreaking k-pop group that combines artificial intelligence with traditional idol activities. Debuted in 2020 under the management of SM Entertainment, the group aespa is known for their innovative concept of having virtual members known as avatars alongside human members. With members like KarinaGiselleNingning, and more, aespa has quickly risen to fame in the k-pop industry.

In 2021, the SM Culture Universe (SMCU) introduced the concept of ai idols with the release of aespa‘s debut single “Black Mamba”. Using ai technology, the group aespa utilized artificial intelligence to create a metaverse where their virtual avatars exist in a virtual world. This metaverse entertainment approach marked the beginning of a new era in the entertainment industry.

By 2022, aespa had become known as the first k-pop group to use ai technology to create a virtual girl group. With their hit songs and mesmerizing music videosaespa captured the hearts of fans worldwide. As the k-pop industry continued to evolve, aespa stood out as pioneers of the virtual idol concept.

In 2023, aespa expanded their reach by collaborating with other k-pop groups like NCT and exploring new ventures in the virtual world. With plans to release a new single in 2024 and further integrate ai into their performances, aespa is at the forefront of a digital revolution in the k-pop scene.


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