AG Composite Stock

AG Composite Stock: Stock Review Rokslide Forum

AG Composite Stock: Stock Review Rokslide Forum

What Makes AG Composite Stocks Unique?

AG Composite stocks are distinguished by their quality carbon fiber construction, setting them apart from traditional rifle stocks. The carbon fiber material offers exceptional strength while keeping the stocks lightweight, making them ideal for various shooting applications.

Carbon Fiber Construction

The use of carbon fiber in AG Composite stocks ensures durability and rigidity without adding unnecessary weight to the rifle. This material is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, providing shooters with a reliable and sturdy platform.

Rifle Stock Varieties Available

AG Composite offers a diverse range of rifle stock options to cater to different shooting preferences and styles. Whether you are a long-range shooter or a hunter, AG Composite has a stock design that suits your needs.

Compatibility with Tikka and McMillan

AG Composite stocks are designed to be compatible with popular rifle brands such as Tikka and McMillan, ensuring a seamless fit for these firearms. This compatibility enhances the versatility of AG Composite stocks.

Benefits of Using AG Composite Stocks

Utilizing AG Composite stocks provides numerous advantages to shooters, including enhanced stability and precision during shooting activities. The lightweight design of these stocks is particularly beneficial for long-range shooting engagements.

Lightweight Design for Long Range Shooting

The lightweight nature of AG Composite stocks allows shooters to maneuver their rifles with ease, especially in long-range shooting scenarios where stability and control are crucial for accuracy.

Enhanced Stability with Bottom Metal Installation

By incorporating bottom metal installation features, AG Composite stocks offer enhanced stability and support for the rifle action, ensuring a more secure shooting experience for users.

Alpine Hunter Stock Features

The Alpine Hunter stock by AG Composite is specifically designed for hunting rifles, providing hunters with a reliable and durable stock option that enhances their shooting performance in various hunting environments.

Compatibility with Different Actions

AG Composite stocks are highly versatile and can accommodate different rifle actions, including short action rifles and popular models such as the Remington 700. This wide compatibility ensures that shooters can find the right stock for their firearm.

Short Action Rifles

For shooters using short action rifles, AG Composite stocks offer a compatible and well-designed stock solution that maximizes the performance of these firearm platforms.

Remington 700 Models

AG Composite stocks are tailored to fit Remington 700 models, providing Remington enthusiasts with a reliable aftermarket stock option that enhances the overall shooting experience of these popular rifles.

Support for ARCA Rail Systems

AG Composite stocks are designed to support ARCA rail systems, allowing shooters to easily attach accessories and optics to their rifles for improved shooting precision and convenience.

AG Privateer: A Specialized Stock Option

AG Privateer represents a specialized stock line within AG Composite’s offerings, providing shooters with unique features and capabilities that cater to specific shooting requirements and preferences.

Distinct Features of the Privateer Series

The Privateer series by AG Composite boasts distinct features that set it apart from standard stock options, including enhanced ergonomics and customization possibilities for shooters looking to optimize their rifle setup.

Integration with Buttstocks and Picatinny Rails

AG Privateer stocks are designed for seamless integration with buttstocks and Picatinny rails, allowing shooters to customize their rifle configurations based on their shooting style and preferences.

Long-Range Precision Capabilities

With its focus on long-range precision shooting, the AG Privateer stock line provides shooters with the tools and features necessary to achieve exceptional accuracy and performance in demanding shooting conditions.

Enhancements and Accessories for AG Composite Stocks

AG Composite stocks offer a range of enhancements and accessories that further elevate the performance and functionality of these premium rifle stocks. From improved barrel channels to customization options, shooters can tailor their stocks to suit their specific needs.

Adding Suppressors and Muzzle Devices

AG Composite stocks support the addition of suppressors and muzzle devices, enabling shooters to reduce recoil and muzzle rise, resulting in improved shooting comfort and accuracy.

Improved Barrel Channel for Barrel Installation

The enhanced barrel channel design in AG Composite stocks simplifies the process of installing rifle barrels, ensuring a secure and precise fit that optimizes the rifle’s performance and accuracy.

Customization Options with Hornady 7 SAUM and 300 PRC

Shooters can customize their AG Composite stocks to accommodate specific cartridge options such as the Hornady 7 SAUM and 300 PRC, allowing for tailored performance and precision based on their ammunition preferences.


Q: What is an AG composite stock?

A: An AG composite stock is a type of rifle stock made from composite materials such as carbon fiber or fiberglass. AG composites are known for their lightweight and durable construction, making them popular among shooters looking for high-performance stocks.

Q: What makes the AG composite stock popular on the Rokslide forum?

A: The AG composite stock is well-regarded on the Rokslide forum due to its quality construction, fit, and finish. The stock’s ability to enhance shooting performance, especially with rifles chambered in popular calibers like 6.5 PRC, has earned it a favorable reputation among forum members.

Q: Can the AG composite stock accommodate the Remington 700 BDL action?

A: Yes, the AG composite stock is designed to be compatible with the Remington 700 BDL action. This allows shooters with Remington 700 rifles to easily upgrade to an AG composite stock for improved performance and handling.

Q: What are the key features of the AG composite stock?

A: The AG composite stock boasts a number of features including a reinforced aluminum block inside the forend for added stability, a carbon all-terrain finish for durability, and a recoil lug for improved accuracy and control. These features contribute to the stock’s ability to produce best-in-class performance for shooters.

Q: How is the AG composite stock manufactured?

A: The AG composite stock is manufactured using advanced CNC technology to ensure precise fit and finish. The manufacturing process involves inletting the stock to accommodate specific rifle actions like the Remington 700 BDL, and thousands of stocks are produced each year to meet demand.

Q: What sets AG composite stocks apart from other composite rifle stocks?

A: AG composite stocks are known for their superior quality and attention to detail. With features like the aluminum block inside the forend and the ability to produce best-in-class stocks with delivery times, AG stocks offer shooters a high-performance option for their rifles.

Q: Have shooters reported positive experiences with AG composite stocks?

A: Yes, many shooters who have used AG composite stocks have shared positive feedback about their performance. From the fit and finish of the stocks to the enhanced shooting experience with rifles chambered in calibers like 6.5 PRC, AG stocks have garnered praise for their quality and effectiveness.


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