Conklin MFC E-Commerce

Conklin MFC E-Commerce: Operation Distribution Center

Conklin MFC E-commerce: Operation Distribution Center

Two years ago, Conklin relocated its corporate headquarters from Binghamton to suburban Pittsburgh, where it also built a new facility in Conklin. This new facility serves as the company’s e-commerce hub, handling the shipping and delivery process for online orders.

The Conklin distribution center is one of five distribution centers the company operates, with the others located in Atlanta, Hobart, and Broome. The company’s expansion into e-commerce has necessitated the need for additional distribution centers to meet the growing demand for online orders.

The Conklin distribution center is a vital part of Conklin’s supply chain, serving as the central fulfillment center for the company’s e-commerce operations. It stores inventory, processes orders, and coordinates the shipping and delivery of products to customers.

The facility in Conklin is equipped with state-of-the-art material handling equipment to efficiently stack and deliver goods. In addition to its role in e-commerce fulfillment, the Conklin distribution center also supports the company’s retail store operations, providing inventory storage and outbound shipping services to brick-and-mortar locations.

With the operational success of the Conklin distribution center, the company has been able to expand its reach and stream line its supply chain execution.

The facility in Conklin has also created full-time jobs in the area, as the company continues to hire employees at all levels, from warehouse staff to senior department heads. The Conklin location has become a key asset for Conklin in its commitment to efficient and effective distribution operations.


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