Costco in City of Industry

Costco in City of Industry: CA 17550 Castleton St Pharmacy Review

Costco in City of Industry: CA 17550 Castleton St Pharmacy Review

Costco in City of IndustryCA is located at 17550 Castleton St. The pharmacy at this location has received great reviews for its quality service and competitive prices. If you’re in need of a prescription or health information, you can find what you need at the Costco Pharmacy. Their phone number is available for you to check the store hour and direction before you visit the location.

As a member of Costco Wholesale, you can get access to a wide selection of discount items from grocery to electronics. The food court and gas pump at 17550 Castleton St City of Industry, CA 91748 are some of the amenities you can enjoy as a Costco member. The savings you can get from Costco will more than cover the membership fee, especially if you recommend it to others.

Reviews and Recommendations

Customers have provided top recommended reviews for the Costco in City of Industry. Community recommendations highlight the positive aspects of shopping at this location, including the most-filled prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Cost and Discounts

Pricing at Costco in City of Industry is competitive, and the warehouse often offers discounts on various products. Customers can also benefit from coupons and promotions to maximize their savings on purchases.

Customer Service and Contacts

For any inquiries or assistance, customers can easily find contact information for Costco. The customer service experience is paramount at this location, ensuring that shoppers have a smooth interaction when visiting the warehouse in CA 91748.


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