Meri's Online Clothing Business

Meri’s Online Clothing Business: Meri Brown Sister Wives

Meri’s Online Clothing Business: Meri Brown Sister Wives

Meri Brown, star of TLC’s reality TV show ‘Sister Wives’, has ventured into the world of entrepreneurship with her online clothing business. Meri’s online clothing business features a clothing line that offers women’s clothing through an airmart e-commerce platform.

Meri first joined Lularoe, a controversial multi-level marketing company known for its pyramid scheme-like structure. Despite the challenges, Meri has been able to establish a successful online clothing business using her strong social media presence.

Meri also manages the popular ‘Sister Wives’ Facebook group, where she promotes her clothing line and engages with fans of the show. Along with her sister wives Christine, Janelle, and Robyn Brown, Meri has become an entrepreneurial figure in the Utah community.

As the first wife of Kody Brown, the head of the Brown family featured on ‘Sister Wives’, Meri’s journey into the world of business has been closely followed by fans.

Meri’s online clothing business has not only allowed her to pursue her passion for fashion, but it has also contributed to her financial success.

Reports suggest that Meri Brown’s net worth has significantly increased since starting her clothing business. In addition to her clothing business, Meri also runs ‘Lizzie’s Heritage Inn’, a bed and breakfast in Utah.


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