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Promise E-Commerce Co Ltd: E-Commerce PayPal Scam Review

Promise E-Commerce Co Ltd: E-Commerce PayPal Scam Review

promise e-commerce co ltd is an online e-commerce company based in China that has recently come under fire for suspected scam activities involving PayPal. Many customers have reported placing an order for a product on their website, making a payment through PayPal, but never receiving their delivery. The company advertise cheap shoe and sandal options for both men’s and women’s leather products, luring potential victims to make a purchase.

Upon realizing they had been scammed, several customers tried to contact promise e-commerce co ltd for a refund, only to struggle with dispute resolution and getting their money back. Some customers even went as far as to report the company to their bank or credit card company, claiming fraud and requesting a charge back for the transaction. Others shared their experience and complaint on websites like and in an effort to warn others about the promise e-commerce scam.

Common Scam Techniques

Scammers employ various techniques to deceive online shoppers. These may include fake websites, stolen tracking numbers, or offers that seem too good to be true. As a potential victim of a suspected scam, it is crucial to remain vigilant and verify the legitimacy of the transactions.

How to Spot a Suspected Scam

To detect a potential scam, look out for red flags such as unusual payment requests, discrepancies in order details, or refund policies that seem dubious. Promise E-Commerce Co Ltd customers can visit platforms like or to share their experiences and check for complaints regarding the company.


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