Who is Amy Carter's second Husband

Who is Amy Carter’s second Husband: Amy Carter Rosalynn Carter

Who is amy carter’s second husband: amy carter rosalynn carter 

Amy Carter, the daughter of former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, is known for her activism and involvement in various causes. Amy was born in the White House and grew up as part of the Carter family, which includes her siblings Jack CarterJames Carter, and Jason Carter.

Amy studied at Brown University and the Memphis College of Art, showcasing her passion for education and the arts. She is the daughter of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter and has always been actively involved in her family’s political and philanthropic endeavors.

Amy Carter married James Gregory Wentzel, also known as Hugo James Wentzel, making him her second husband. The couple has four children together, including Hugo James Wentzel Carter IV and Errol Carter Kelly.

Their marriage to each other has strengthened Amy Carter‘s role in activism and public service, following in the footsteps of her parents Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter. The relationship between Wentzel and Amy Carter reflects their shared values and commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

In an interview, Amy Carter said that her husband James Wentzel has been a supportive partner who shares her dedication to their family life and their work at organizations like the Carter Center.

Their shared passion for social justice and community empowerment has led them to participate in projects in Central America and beyond. Despite their busy schedules and commitments, Amy and James Wentzel prioritize their family and strive to create a nurturing and fulfilling environment for their children.


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