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Exploring Industrial Parks for Business Development in MI

Exploring Industrial Parks for Business Development in MI

Industrial park is located within the city limits of MI, serving as a hub for industrial development and economic development. The park consists of approximately 264 acres of land divided into industrial and residential zones. Companies looking to locate their business within the park can choose from a variety of parcel sizes with frontage on regional roads and convenient access to the international airportsewer, and wastewater utility. The park is also in close proximity to the interstate and highway for easy transportation of goods and supply.

The industrial park offers a fully master planned infrastructure with existing industrial facilities and room for further construction. The official website provides information on the availability of gas and distribution facilities, as well as engineering and environmental services for companies looking to expand or develop within the park. With its skilled workforce and strategic location, the park is a prime destination for manufacturing and other industrial operations seeking to grow their business.

What is an Industrial Park?

An industrial park is a designated area within a city that is zoned for industrial use. The purpose of an industrial park is to provide a centralized location for businesses involved in manufacturing, distribution, or other industrial activities.

Benefits of Operating in an Industrial Park

Operating in an industrial park offers numerous benefits for businesses. These include access to specialized facilities, cost-effective operations, and incentives such as tax breaks provided by the city or state.

Key Features of Industrial Parks

Key features of industrial parks include proximity to transportation hubs like airports and interstate highways, availability of utilities such as gas and electricity, and zoning regulations that support industrial activities.


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